Spriting my trollsona self-insert! Just a WIP for now! Tell me what you guys think!
(She’s supposed to be an heiress, it’s for an rp)


but the real question is

why does anyone even give a shit about fantrolls anymore

The one on the right totes looks better. Totes.

thank :3c

It’s been about a year since I first started roleplaying fantrolls, so here’s a year’s worth of sprite progress! The one on the left is from one year ago, and the one on the right is the latest sprite I’ve made of her.

Me one year ago was quite the amazing artist, am I right? But seriously, I’m really proud of the one on the right! It doesn’t look quite so… terrible, like the last one. Hurray for progress!

ooooooo-kay i am IN

time to get ready for the flood of zero replies aw yiss

>Be the history-loving explorer obsessed with fate.

You are now ANANKE BGYONE.

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the mobile hive bullshit is just too much for me to work with right now so im gonna just stick a fork in this baby and call it done

gonna post it up in a second, hold on

how do you personality

fantrolls more like stupid wastes of space amiright

Touch based psychic carbon dating or something


that sounds pretty cool, actually!

Also I look up some psychic powers and found this thing and I think it’s pretty cool:

Psychometry - Also known as “object reading”, psychometry enables a psychic to pick up on psychic impressions (vibrations) left on an object by someone connected with it. Someone with this ability could use an unfamiliar object to reveal much about its owner.

Between this and the carbon dating power, which one makes the most sense for her?

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